Monthly Love: June

JuneOur favorite things from the month of June:


  1. Eos Cafe – This trendy new place in St. Clair Shores has only been open for two months and it has already become one of my favorite local establishments. Cool ambiance, GREAT service, and good food. The coffee is just okay, though I am hoping it will improve, but I really love the Cusabi BBQ Chicken panini.
  2. You Are What You Love by James K.A. Smith – This is an amazing book! Written by one of the premier philosophers of the day and yet dealing with real practical living. Smith expounds here on how the tiny habits we develop over time shape what we love, and how what we love ultimately influences our allegiances. As a Christian philosopher he proposes worship as a counter to these cultural liturgies. I loved this book!
  3. Toast – This trendy gastropub was easily my favorite place we ate on our anniversary trip this year. Located in downtown Birmingham, MI the place specializes in brunch and we took full advantage of that. My French toast was crispy, drenched is syrup, and covered with candied bacon. It went well with the delicious coffee. Krista’s poached eggs laid on smoked salmon and covered in hollandaise sauce was even better! We will definitely be returning to this place.
  4. Corckcicle Canteen – This thermos is a thing of beauty. It’s minimalist design is gorgeous, and its functionality is unbeatable. It doesn’t just keep hot things hot and cold things cold, it does it for far longer than you’d expect. My coffee stayed steaming hot for hours, and my ice water stayed cold over night. The bottle doesn’t sweat, it doesn’t need to be frozen, and its wide mouth makes it easy to take ice cubes. I love this product!13428035_10153454409136734_9216938095857290463_n
  5. Backyard Shrimp Boil – I have always wanted to have one of these, but never had an
    occasion to attend one. The even that afforded me this opportunity was my mom’s wedding, which was lovely. This fun little way to do dinner was just icing on the cake.


  1. Paleo Meals–Pregnancy has brought a new challenge when it comes to eating. Will this make my stomach hurt? Will this give me heartburn? Will this make me nauseous? In an attempt to control a lot of these digestive issues I have discovered that the Paleo diet offers so many options that help me to feel a little less exhausted when it comes to food choices. Saute lots of veggies and grill some meat and you have a meal. It is easy and delicious.
  2. The Thurman Cafe–After leaving our kids at my parents in Ohio we headed back home to Michigan for a few days of kid-less fun.  As we passed through Ohio’s capital we stopped for dinner at a burger joint tucked away in the German Village. It is a small hole in the wall but the list of burgers were fascinating and unique. My burger was topped with grilled onions and smothered in their house-made onion dip. I watched as others devoured the restaurant’s  signature Thurminator burger that appeared to teeter miles high above the plate. Is 4 hours too far to drive for a burger?
  3. Dietsch Bros. Ice Cream–My mom and I met in Findlay, Ohio so that I could get my kids back after they had spent the week with her. Because of a suggestion from a friend, we ended up at one of the best ice cream shops I have ever visited. I already want to go back. Is 2.5 hours too far to drive for ice cream?
  4. Re-watching 30 Rock–I haven’t been sleeping well but I really can’t complain since it has given me an opportunity to re-watch some of my favorite shows. Liz Lemon has become my favorite 3:00 am companion.
  5. Tunic Tops and leggings–Fashion has swayed in the way of long flowy tops and stretchy soft pants just in time for my pregnancy. I’ve been thankful not to have to buy very many new clothes as my midsection grows.

The Princess:

  1. Finding Dory – Both kids had been dying to see this movie, but our Princess was particularly excited. Young Dory was her favorite.
  2. Going to Nana’s house and then to Grandma’s wedding – This month was full of family time and special events. Both the beautiful wedding and a week at Nana’s house were special treats.
  3. Playing with my neighbor – For the first time in her life, this little girl has a neighbor to play with. Despite that this neighbor is much younger, our princess still loves playing games and swimming with her.
  4. Skyzone – This was a super cool place for one of her friend to have a birthday party. An indoor trampoline park, with foam pit, dodge ball, basketball hoops, and more!
  5. DQ Cotton Candy Blizzard

Little Dude:

  1. New Disney Infinity Characters – As part of gift this month, the little dude got four new figures for his favorite X-Box game, including: Fin and Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Alice and the Mad Hatter from Through the Looking Glass.IMG_0454
  2. Skyzone – This trampoline place was a hit with both the kids.
  3. Having fun with my family (especially my cousin) – A week at Nana’s was special, playing fight with his cousin was the best. This cousin is his “best friend,” so that made it all the more special.
  4. DQ Cotton Candy Blizzard
  5. Moving into my big sister’s room – As we anticipate turning one room into a nursery for the new baby, the kids were already ready to start sharing a room. The little dude loves sleeping in the same room with his big sister. It’s like a sleepover every night!

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